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Junior registration

I agree to pay the training fees for each block of training sessions attended - payment details are provided via email.

I consent to my child receiving emergency medical treatment if necessary.

For the child’s safety we ask all players to wear shin pads and a mouth guard when training and playing matches

I confirm to the best of my knowledge, my child does not suffer from any other medical condition other than those stated above   I accept it is my responsibility to update the hockey club about any medical changes that are necessary for the safeguarding of my child.

I agree to my child’s photo being taken and published in local press, uploaded to and for use in the production of marketing information.  We aim to use group photo and will not publish names with photos.

If you do not wish to given this consent, please email the requested registration details to us instead of submitting this form.  Thank you.

Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Thanks for submitting!

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