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Ladies 2nd XI Match Reports

11 Jan 2020    Shepton Mallet 2nds 3  Hanham 2 



Hanham were put through their paces during the first half with Shepton’s midfielders, J Shaw, Christensen and Holland, working in unison and creating space at every opportunity allowing the ball to remain in Hanham’sdefensive end. Thorner, Baughan and Hodgson kept the pressure on with strong possession in the D butHanham’s defenders and goalkeeper kept the ball away from the goal line.  

A powerful ball from Hanham defence allowed them to advance towards Shepton’s goal. With pressure on them,A Shaw and B Squire worked together to slow down the play as Shepton ran back to help. Hanham did not let up and secured the first goal of the game before the halftime whistle.


A halftime team talk worked wonders as Shepton came back fighting and managed to score an equaliser from a brilliant run by J Shaw sent across to Harman and finished by Thorner. 

Hanham pushed forward quickly and created an opportune shot on goal but fast reactions from Shepton’sgoalkeeper, Eastwick, kept the scoreline at 1-1. 

A swift break out attack saw the ball transfer from Street to Hardwick across to Hunter and allowing Thorner to pocket her second goal of the game.

Hanham did not let Shepton celebrate for long as they promptly sped the ball up the left wing sending the ball to the top of the D for an unstoppable goal. 

Back at a level score line, Shepton was quick to react with fantastic skill by Harman who guided the ball to the top of the D sending it in for Thorner to secure herself a hat trick, and the win for Shepton.

28 Sep 2019     Frome 1st   8     Shepton Mallet 2nd   0

Shepton 2nds started their 2019 season with a tough away draw against a strong Frome 1st XI on Saturday and were caught early in the game by a number of quick fire goals.  Despite the best efforts of Stevens, Harman, McConnell and Hodgson were unable to convert their attaching forays into goals but kept up the momentum throughout the game.  Despite the score the game was played end to end and Holland, Street, Green and Squire kept up their reputation for making many quick fire passes from the defensive zone up to Cox and Shaw (J).


After the break the team settled into a much improved pattern that enabled the full backs Shaw (A), Longman and Thorner to clear more of the attaching shots on goal.  As always Eastwick made many commendable saves from the goal line and her lightening responses saved many of the first shots on goal.  Although the score line was far from what Shepton hoped for spirits and effort were not thwarted and the team will take much from the game in the coming weeks as they take on opposition from a new league.

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