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Ladies 1st XI Match Reports

3 December 2022  Shepton Mallet  2   Penzance 2
Back at home after two weeks away, Shepton Mallet Ladies 1s welcomed Penzance Ladies 1s on a dry but bitterly cold winters day. Shepton took a little longer to pull themselves together on this Saturday, arriving in dribs and drabs and without a coach but after a short but thorough warm up they were ready to face their opponents. It took a few attempts but Shepton finally took the lead when Cichocka scored from a tight angle during a short corner. Penzance retaliated levelling the scoreboard before the end of the first half, perhaps this game would not be as easy as Shepton initially thought. Penzance became increasingly agitated and physical in the second half, often forcing Shepton off the ball. Thankfully Shepton were able to persevere and with the help of Cox, Dudden took Shepton into the lead for the second time. Now all they needed to do was stay in the game. Unfortunately, after a breakdown in a defensive short Shepton conceded their second goal, in a second scare Penzance looked like they had succeeded in another short corner however thanks to the keen eye of Cichocka a goal line save ensured Penzance did not take the lead. Unable to claw back, the game ended in a 2-2 draw.
Player of the Match Cichocka

19 November 2022  Isca & University Of Exeter  1    Shepton Mallet  1

With two injured players Shepton Mallet ladies 1s travelled down to Exeter with 12 and 3/4 players to face Isca and Exeter 4s, a team standing comfortably above them in the league. Isca and Exeter applied plenty of pressure, and were awarded a number of shorts of which Shepton's defence triumphed over. After a gruelling first half the score was 0-0. Not too long into the second half an injured Chant found herself in the perfect position to intercept a pass from a free hit in the oppositions 25 allowing her to score in a 1vs1 with the Keeper. 1-0 up Shepton couldn't believe their luck, eager to walk away with 3 points they dropped back to pack the defence. However, with minutes left to play Isca and Exeter scored following an almost perfectly defended short corner. 1-1 on the scoreboard Isca and Exeter desperately tried to take the win, nevertheless they weren't successful and the game finished with a draw and both teams with a point.

Player of the match Massey.

22 October 2022  Shepton Mallet  4   Plymouth Margon  3

Shepton Ladies 1sts welcomed Plymouth Margon's Ladies 1st to their home ground for one of their toughest games to date. Both teams demonstrated physical dominance and a determination to win, however it was Shepton who had the first laugh with Chant adding to her ever growing goal tally using her speed and skills to not only beat a defender or two but to also leave the keeper wrong footed ensuring she scored. Keeping the pressure up Shepton scored another goal, this time a true team effort with Chant finding Doyle, excellently positioned on the back post, who using her first touch slapped the ball into the goal. Increasing the margins Chant, with help from Beech, found the back board once more. Unfortunately, shortly before the half time whistle, Plymouth Margon's scored using a well drilled short corner making the half time score 3-1. One can only assume Margon's half time talk was otherworldly as they stormed into the second half scoring 2 in quick succession, on track to draw 3-3 both teams upped the tempo in an attempt to have the last laugh but thankfully for the Shepton spectators it was indeed the home team, this time Beech made an appearance on the scoreboard after a rebound from a short corner settled in front of her, staying composed she also used her first touch to slap the ball across the goal line.
Player of the match: Bliss.

16 October 2022    Newquay  2    Shepton Mallet  1

Shepton Ladies 1s travelled with a strong 13 down to Truro to play Newquay ladies 1s. Disheartened at the prospect of playing these particularly physical rivals with, to be polite, loud spectators Shepton did well to hold off their opponents for first 20 minutes and even penetrated the oppositions D countless times increasing the pressure, however this merely added fuel to the fire and Newquay retaliated with a reverse stick shot taking them into the lead. After a pep talk at half time Shepton went out and evened the playing field with Armstrong finding Chant who took on two players and the keeper to find the back board. Despite multiple attempts and the efforts of our defence; Armstrong, Baughn, Cichocka, Wilson and Keeper Hale Newquay managed sneak another one in making the end result 2-1 to Newquay. Glad to be done with the game Shepton walked off with their heads held high and started the long journey home.

Player of the match - Cichocka

8 October 2022   Shepton Mallet  7    Teign  2

Shepton Ladies 1s welcomed Teign for their first home game of the league, disassembling them from the first second until the final whistle. Thanks to plenty of supporters cheering them on and a handful of players on the sideline Shepton were able to maintain a high intensity throughout and in an unusual twist not only beat their competitors convincingly but also scored the majority of their goals in open play as opposed to relying on their well drilled short corners. The supporters will be glad not to have missed this game as it was a true team effort that saw: 5 players contribute to the scoreboard - Beech, Chant, Doyle, Dudden, and Gill; a defender, Redwood-Loud, make a brief appearance upfront; Shepton score off of a failed Teign short corner; and to top it off, Shepton demolish their opponents 7-2.

Player of the match Wilson.

1 October 2022   Caradon  3  Shepton Mallet  3

Shepton Mallet Ladies 1s made their first of 4 treks down to Cornwall to begin the 2022/23 Premier 2b League. Dominating the first half, Shepton put pressure on Caradon Ladies 1s scoring a beautiful team goal bouncing from Chant to Doyle to Chappell who found the back board putting Shepton in the lead early on, continuing the pressure Chant scored from a Short and then from a ball that found her from Beech in defence. Caradon managed to sneak one past Shepton before the half time whistle, making the score 3-1 at half time. Despite the best efforts of Shepton's defence and due to some questionable umpiring decisions Caradon slipped another 2 goals past Shepton. Unable to attack with the same force of the first half Shepton ended the game with a 3-3 draw. Shepton have however travelled home with their heads held high, knowing they fought hard for each other and work well as a team.
Player of the match - Cichocka.

24 September 2022   University of Bristol 2s  4  Shepton Mallet  4

Neither sets of spectators were left disappointed following this weeks action packed game ending with a 4-4 drew. Shepton Mallet Ladies 1sts travelled up to Combe Dingle, Bristol anxious with the prospect of playing a young, well drilled, fit university team. Despite the fears being a reality, Shepton surprised themselves by taking the lead early with a one woman goal by Chant and by going on to dominate the rest of the game as a team. With help from the midfield and fellow forwards Chant made the score board another two times. Shepton's third goal however was a truly a team effort, after winning a short corner Armstrong, Dudden and Gill ensured the ball made it past the back line. Throughout the game University of Bristol would sneak a ball into the goal on a quick counter attack, briefly taking the lead during the second half. Ultimately both teams failed to retain the lead despite their best efforts and the game finished with a 4-4 drew.

17 September 2022   Shepton Mallet 6  Gillingham 2

Shepton Mallet Ladies 1sts kicked off the 2022/23 season with a 6-2 win in a pre-season friendly against Gillingham Ladies 1sts. While the new team, seeing debuts for three and the return of a couple, secured the convincing win the first quarter was not so promising - with Gillingham finding the backboard first. 1-0 down Shepton took in the words of their coach and entered the second quarter slicker than ever. Using the new found determination Shepton scored 3 in quick succession. In the third quarter Shepton's midfield and forward lines worked well together cutting through Gillingham like a knife through butter scoring an additional 2 goals and ramping up the pressure. Meanwhile Shepton's defence stood strong and fended off encroaching Gillingham attackers. Going into the final quarter 5-1 Shepton got a little too comfortable giving away a short corner allowing Gillingham to add another digit to the scoreboard. However, Shepton had the last laugh scoring shortly before the final whistle.

17 Oct 2020  Shepton ladies 1sts   3     Firebrands 2nds.  2


Shepton travelled to Bristol for their penultimate friendly before league begins next weekend. With Firebrands being in the equivalent league Shepton knew it would be a great test to prepare for the season ahead. The game started with the home side taking advantage of knowing their pitch moving the ball swiftly and putting pressure on the Shepton defence. Great composure from Massey, Munn, Stonehouse & Vautier made sure the home side didn’t get on the scoresheet.

Once Shepton settled into the game they started to look the more dangerous team, creating chances and making fantastic runs. The away side were rewarded for their efforts when a shot from Bliss was deflected off a defenders foot into the goal. It didn’t take long for Shepton to add a second with a solid pass from Gill to Chant who drove along the back line finding Hacker who slotted it calmly home. The game was being played at a high intensity and Firebrands capitalised from a Shepton mistake scoring just before half time.


2-1 at half time and the momentum was with Shepton. Great positivity in the team talk helped the ladies return to the game with a lot of determination. Shepton continued from where they left off and put lots of pressure on the ‘Brands defence. Solid tackles and passes from Bliss in the middle of the park helped Shepton get their third goal with a pass to Cann who used her skill to cross the ball to Chant who made it 3. The quality play continued throughout the game but just before the end the home side managed to add another goal to the scoresheet with Shepton winning 3-2.


A great team performance to take into next weeks league game at home V Mendip.

Player of the match Bliss.

10 Oct 2020   Shepton Ladies 1sts   4      Mid Somerset 1sts   1

Shepton ladies welcomed local rivals Mid Somerset for there 2nd friendly of the season. With glorious sunshine the conditions were the complete opposite to the ladies’ previous fixture. The game started at a high intensity and was end to end with not much between the two teams. Great work-rate from the midfield of Vautier, Parke and Gill saw the home side push forward and win a short corner. Shepton showcased a text book display seeing the ball being swept to Gill who deflected it past a helpless Mids keeper. 1-0 in the first 7 minutes but still everything to play for. The pressure continued from the away side and various shots were saved by Eastick in goal. As the home team settled more they were able to string some great passes together seeing Shepton go 2 up with a goal from Chant which was assisted by Gill.


2-0 at half time and a good socially distanced team talk saw Shepton come out positively and continue where they left of in the first half. The defence of Munn, Armstrong, Massey and Cox kept any danger away from Eastick. Lots of attacking play from the Hacker sisters and Redwood on the right led to another Shepton short corner and this time, changing their routine, Gillen was able to calmly slot home a 3rd goal. The away team never backed down and kept their work-rate up and soon they were rewarded for their efforts, scoring a penalty corner. 3-1 and still time left on the clock for more goals, the home team kept composed and great linking play starting from Vautier helped Shepton get a 4th with a great 1-on-1 with the ‘keeper from Hunter. The final whistle blew at 4-1. A fantastic team performance prepares the ladies for next week’s game away at Firebrands.


Player of the match   Eastick


28 Sep 2019    Shepton Ladies 1sts   1      Newquay     1

Shepton Ladies 1’s hosted Newquay at the weekend for this seasons' opening League game; at the final whistle the scores were even on 1-1, from a game that was played at a frantic pace throughout and extremely competitive nature.

Newquay started the game with a push-back and pass to the right field which was immediately intercepted by Hacker J, who combined with Parke to apply pressure on the oppositions defence.  After some very strong tackling and partial clearances during the first 10mins of the game, this Shepton pressure became overwhelming to Newquay and the Home side was awarded their first of five Penalty Corners after the eleventh minute; a solid injection from Gillen, perfect Castle by Hill, and powerful strike from Munn resulted in 1-0 to the Home side.


The first half continued in much the same vein with Shepton building plays and applying pressure to the Newquay defence, however each attack was successfully repelled despite some excellent strikes on goal by Lloyd, Hill and Philips.  With regular substitutions Shepton maintained the intensity of play throughout the first half and stopped Newquay in their tracks each time they counter-attacked, especially down their left-hand-side as Pritchard, Armstrong, Sellar and Gillen provided an almost impregnable defensive line.

Towards the end of the first half Shepton pushed through the Newquay defence on several occasions, most of which came from the welcome return from injury of Chant, however the home side failed to get any deflection from powerful shots despite some very good stick skills and movement from Lloyd.  The first half finished 1-0 to Shepton.


The second half was a mirror of the first with both sides maintaining a very high tempo of play but with Newquay making the first break and successful strike from an awarded Penalty Corner after just 8mins; scores 1-1. Shepton continued to get behind the Newquay defence with excellent combination runs by the Hacker sisters, but it was the visitors that had the better half, and had it not been for an excellent game from Goal Keeper Radford-James and a well organised defence from Swaile, Massey and Armstrong, Newquay may well have pipped the home side for the win.

This was a good first run out for Shepton this season as we look forward to the away trip to Plymouth next Saturday.


Player of the match was Pritchard for her outstanding defensive performance, and attacking delivery.

6 Oct 2018    Shepton Ladies 1s     2         Plymouth Uni      0

Shepton had an early start with a journey to Plymouth for their second league game of the season.  Shepton arrived in Plymouth with a bare 11 and various positional changes throughout the team. The ladies were not phased by their opposition of 16 young uni girls. The game started with high intensity from both sides but Shepton had the edge using the space created and skill and speed within their team to put Plymouth on the back foot. Shepton were awarded various short corners but were unable to convert any of the chances. Hacker, Gill, Massey & Parke were key in midfield passing the ball with great strength and cutting out any danger from the uni team. Shepton were rewarded with a goal when great fast passing found Chant who took on the keeper and slotted the ball home. Half time arrived and Shepton were in the driving seat.


Great advice was given from coach Toomey which helped the ladies continue their good performance into the second half. Plymouth came out of the blocks fast in the second half and put pressure on the Shepton back line of Gillen, Rigby, Armstrong and Keeper Travis but to no avail. Fantastic running up front from wingers McConnell and Longman created many chances and made the home team panic. Constant pressure from Shepton eventually saw them rewarded with an identical goal from Chant putting them 2 up. Shepton fought to the end and came away deserving the 3 points.


Player of the match   Rigby

29 Sept 2018  Shepton Mallet     1        Kingsbridge & Salcombe        3


Shepton ladies hosted Kingsbridge for the first league game of their campaign this season. With an adjustment to Shepton’s formation the ladies knew it could to take time to settle. Shepton came to the game with a lot of positivity and prepared for the challenge ahead. The game started at high intensity and this continued throughout the game seeing strong tackles, lots of running and determination in all areas of the pitch. Shepton had most of the possession with great work throughout the midfield from James, Hacker, Gill, Parke & Armstrong. Nothing was getting through and Shepton looked the more comfortable with pressure in the Kingsbridge D. Shepton were rewarded with various short corners but a solid Kingsbridge keeper kept all danger at bay. Shepton were then caught on the break and a very skilful forward put the away team one up. Shepton went into half team with everything still to play for.


A great tactical team talk from new coach Toomey saw Shepton come out with a new edge to their game. Shepton continued to pile the pressure on with great runs from Baxter-Phillips, Agabani, Cooknell & Chant but none were rewarded for their efforts. Kingsbridge kept the pressure on and managed to sneak 2 more goals. Shepton didn’t back down and fought until the end with strong defending from Gillen, Rigby, Longman & McConnell they were eventually rewarded with a goal from Chant. Time wasn’t on the home teams side and saw the game end 3-1 to the away side. Shepton can definitely take many positives from the game with the knowledge they provided a great team performance. Shepton travel to Plymouth next week looking for their first win.


Player of the Match   Hacker

30 Sept 2017  Shepton ladies 1s 2 Kingsbridge & Salcombe 1

Shepton welcomed Kingsbridge to there home pitch for game 2 of their league campaign. Shepton trained hard in the week to prepare for what they knew would be a really tough game. The game started with a lot of possession in the middle of the pitch and both teams battling hard. Kingsbridge came out of the blocks faster but Shepton were quick to stop any danger and started to play slick hockey. Great work rate and passing in... midfield from Kennedy, Hacker, Bliss, Lloyd & Gill made it hard for Kingsbridge to squeeze through. It wasn't long before a quick free hit found Chant who ran at the defence and slotted Sheptons first goal home.


Shepton managed to keep there composure and keep the intensity up causing the away team all kinds of problems.
Kingsbridges talented players looked tame because of the solid defending from Gillen, Massey, Longman, Rigby & Mcconell. After numerous short corners the away team converted a powerful strike taking it to 1-1. This didn't phase Shepton who kept battling hard and were finally rewarded with a short corner of there own. The ladies used a silky routine which saw Hacker convert goal number 2. Half time arrived after a couple of cards and stoppages but the home team with the advantage.


A positive team talk from coach Patterson helped the ladies come out hard. Shepton continued to be the stronger side and great runs from Hill kept the continued pressure on. The game stayed 2-1 even with Kingsbridge having constant short corners but the defence and Travis-Daniels controlled the D and saw Shepton get there first 3 points on the board.

Next week sees Shepton travel to Somerset Gryphons.


Player of the match - Bliss

28 March   Shepton ladies 1sts. 7 Taw Valley 2nds  0

Shepton ladies new that gaining a point from this game would secure promotion even with a game left to play. Shepton were ready to play at the start time of 3pm but we're the only team at the pitch as the opposition thought it was a 4pm start. This meant Shepton had a very long warm up but had lost a little focus. Taw had only brought 10 players but started the stronger team putting pressure on the defence of ...Mcconell, Burt, Legg and Lazenby. This woke Shepton up they started to pass the ball better causing many attacks creating a short corner. Simpson took full advantage and scored the rebound of Durstons shot making it 1-0.

Taw didn't back off and played strongly cutting out chances for Shepton. The ladies needed to work hard if they wanted to take the three points and keep a clean sheet. It wasn't long before Chant took the ball on and scored passed a strong taw keeper. Shepton continued with the pressure and scored two more both from Durston.

Going into half time 4-0 up you would think was comfortable but shepton new taw would come out stronger and push for a few goals. Shepton did come out stronger of the two teams but seemed to lack energy and motivation as the game went on. Taw gained a few shorts corners but were kept out by the defence of Shepton.

Shepton attacked in pairs and managed to score three goals in the second half one from chant, Dempsey and Durston for her hatrick. Shepton are now promoted but still have one game left to play in a few weeks before the celebrations can start.

Phillips tyres player of the match Captain Lloyd


21 March   Shepton ladies 1st 5   White Eagles 0


Shepton travelled to Tiverton with only ten players and no goalkeeper due to illness hitting the team. Despite only having ten with many players out of position and laird putting the kit on for her team shepton started strongly with three short corners in quick succession but the white Eagles keeper was on fire and kept all shots out.


Shepton kept the tempo up on a less than average astro surface with great play from Gill who found Denham linking well with Chant who put Shepton one up with a quick shot giving the keeper no chance.

Eagles were playing the long ball and had a couple of breaks which were defended well by Squire, Holland, Legg and Mcconnell. Eagles tried to take advantage of the extra player on their team but shepton kept calm and played their own game.

Shepton were able to gain another short corner and this time Simpson was able to convert making it 2-0. Eagles kept the fight up and pressurised shepton in the centre of the park but shepton were strong enough to stop any attacking play. Chant intercepted the ball in the middle of the pitch and beat two players to slot home Shepton's 3rd in the bottom left corner.

Shepton kept the pressure on with great play from Dempsy and Legg on the left creating another chance just before half time which the strong eagles keeper kept out.

Shepton went into half time with a 3 goal cushion but new they couldn't back off as Eagles would come out strong to try and save their relegation battle.

Eagles came out strong making Laird make a double save in quick succession. It took Shepton ten minutes to settle but they finally broke down the left letting Chant run finding Denham whose shot was saved but Chant was able to convert the rebound to complete her hatrick.

The ladies kept the pressure on and worked hard on a very warm day. Great passing helped with Shepton's fifth letting Chant go on another solo run shooting the ball into the top of the goal to get her fourth and Shepton's fifth.

Eagles kept the pressure on making Laird stay on her toes and save a great shot with her stick. They gained a short corner which was again saved by on fire Laird.

Shepton continued to put as much pressure on as possible with energy levels starting to deplete but were rewarded with a short corner in final minutes which was swept into the top of the goal but dissallowed due to height of shot.

Shepton go into next weeks game at home against Taw Valley with promotion at their fingertips. Unfortunately White eagles were relegated from the outcome of the game.

Phillips tyres player of the match Keeper Laird.


14 March  2015   Shepton Mallet 8 Taunton Vale 4s 0


Shepton had their first home game at Bruton in many weeks. The ladies new it was going to be a hard game if the away fixture was anything to go by. Vale were unable to field a goalkeeper so played with 11 outfield players which you would of thought would be a bonus to shepton but it took a good ten minutes for Shepton to break the deadlock with a ball from Durston to Lloyd who had a cheeky tap in. Once Shepton had their first it didn't take long for Chant to find captain Lloyd who once again calmy slotted home to make it 2-0. Vale defended in numbers and kept shepton at bay for 20 minutes before Lloyd completed her hatrick. Great play from Vowles, corp, Simpson and Gill caused problems for vale passing with great pace enabling Corp to find Durston who smashed it in to make it 4-0 at half time.


A great team talk from coach Clarke who gave some good advice helping shepton to speed the game up and use the width. It took five minutes to start the second half scoring off from Durston.
The defence of Holland, Burt, Mcconell and Laird kept any attacking play to a minimum leaving keeper Lazenby with no duties. Shepton kept the game going forward with a quick long corner from Simpson to Lloyd who found the stick of Durston who was able to complete her hatrick.
It wasn't long before a breaking run from chant to Durston caused the defence of vale to loose sight of Shepton's forwards and Lloyd was found who slotted Shepton's 7th and her fourth. Shepton kept going until the end and were rewarded with another goal from player of the match Lloyd scoring five goals with her new stick.
With the final score 8-0 shepton travel to Tiverton next week to try and continue their unbeaten run and search for promotion.

Player of the match captain Lloyd


7 Feb       Shepton Mallet Ladies 1st 12 Bridgwater Ladies 2nds 0

Shepton travelled to Bridgwater on a cold winters morning without captain Lloyd but still with a strong squad of 13. Shepton started on the back foot with Bridgwater attacking heavily and forcing early mistakes causing them to win a early penalty corner. This gave Shepton a wake up call as Burt, Laird, Holland, Lazenby & Mcconnell defended the corner strongly and managed to start playing the game they know best passing the ball round and putting pressure on the Bridgwater defence. It wasn't long before Shepton broke the deadlock with a scrambling goal tucked away by Denham. Shepton were off the mark and started to work hard where Chant found the stick of Durston who calmly slotted it home. It wasn't long before good link up play from Durston and Chant caused goal number three from a one touch shot from Chant. Bridgwater didn't give up but couldn't stop the attacking force of Legg, Durston & Denham who forced a short corner and Legg was able to touch in on the post four up for Shepton. The game continued to work well for Shepton and pressure from Vowles, Gill, Simpson & Corp helped Gill to convert a short corner on the post. Durston got her second shortly after converting calmly. Vowles also got herself onto the score sheet just before half time. Shepton went into half time seven up and had a great positive team talk from step in coach Squire.

Shepton came out hard in the second half taking on board advice from half time opening up the play utilising the space. The ball speed increased and Shepton continued to add to there tally with a strong short corner routine and Durston getting her hatrick. With great movement up front Chant was able to do a solo run and add to her tally. India then followed suit and took Shepton's score to ten. With Shepton still pushing forward they were able to add two more one from Chant for her hatrick and a volley from Durston. Bridgwater never gave up but Shepton came away on top the worthy winners. 

Shepton have a two week league break but hope to continue winning ways when league games resume.


29 Nov               Taw Valley         3                Shepton Mallet      8             

Shepton travelled to their furthest distanced game for a 4pm start with 6 players missing and couple of 2nd team players stepping up Shepton new they had to be on their a game to beat a strong Taw team.

The game started under a floodlit pitch with Taw being the most dominant putting a lot of pressure on Shepton sending lots of crash balls up the pitch and generally looking stronger. It took a while for Shepton to get into their stride but managed to start stinging a few passes together where a run from Denham who found Burt was able to calmly get the 1st. It didn't take long for Taw to respond and level the game up. This was a wake up call for the ladies making them slow the game down and utilise the space. Shepton soon gained a short corner where Durston was able to put Shepton 2-1 in front going into half time.

Tactical discussion at half time from Lloyd made Shepton come out a lot stronger and play their own game. Passes started to link up better and the work rate increased putting the home team under more pressure. It didn't take long for Lloyd to put the 3rd past the Taw keeper and Mcconell to put the 4th. Taw didn't back down and put the defence of Squire, Laird, Holland and Burt under immense pressure breaking through to get their 2nd. Yet again Shepton managed to fight back and score a skilful goal from player of the match Lloyd. With still 15 minutes to go Shepton new they couldn't afford to let their concentration lapse so kept pushing forward allowing Shepton to score two more one from Durston and Chant. Great play through midfield from Gill, Dempsey, McConnell & Chant helped see Demspey on her debut put the 8th past the helpless keeper.

Taw never gave up and were rewarded with a short corner on the final whistle where they were able to get a third consolation goal. Shepton maintain an unbeaten record going into the xmas break and look forward to continuing their good form in 2015.

Phillips tyres man of the match Lloyd

8 Nov           Shepton Mallet      7         Minehead       0

Shepton welcomed Minehead at a change of venue for the home team this weekend. With many adjustments made to the Shepton team and welcoming a new player to the squad Shepton new they had to start strong. It was a hard start adjusting to a different pitch and a strong Minehead team for the ladies it took 15 minutes but great link up play from Legg and chant saw Chant start the scoring off. Great work rate from Simpson, Corp, Gill and Callaghan helped to keep the away team out of causing any danger in the Shepton half. Shepton kept the fight up and on her debut Durnhem got on the end of a great pass to score a one touch goal. At half time coach Clarke gave a positive team talk to get the ladies start playing the hockey they know they are capable of.

Minehead came out strong and had a few breaks but the solid defence of Dudden, Holland, McConnell and Laird kept them at bay. Shepton started doing what they do best raising the intensity of the game and scoring two quick goals from Simpson showing great skill and composure to put Shepton 4 up. Minehead managed to break and get a couple of short corners but great goalkeeping by Thomas kept the ball out. Shepton won a short corner which Dudden converted with great strength. With injuries from Legg and Simpson in the last 10 minutes it ment Shepton had to battle on with 10 players till the end but were able to do this and even attacked to cause two more goals from Chant. Shepton won a hard fought game and remain top of the league going into Saturdays game away at Taunton.

Phillips tyres player of the match. Louisa Durhem

25 Oct       Shepton Mallet     11          Chard      0


Steph Chants match report - mixing it up a bit using Take That song titles  ! Enjoy! 

Shepton travelled to Chard hoping to 'hold on' to there unbeaten record. With a couple of players missing Shepton new they had to keep a strong 'formation' in order to 'flood' the chard team with goals. Shepton started the better team and great play from Simpson, Chant, Callaghan & Vowles caused Shepton's first goal where Lloyd was able to 'shine' and put the ladies 1 up. Shepton played the ball around brilliantly with strong transfers and 'patience' between Holland, McConnell, Laird & Burt which caused Shepton's 2nd from Legg who got on the end of a rebound. 'It only takes a minute' for Shepton to score with two more from Chant. Shepton new the had to 'stay together' as a team in order to continue dominating so a strong strike from Simpson at a short corner 'said it all' putting Shepton 5 up. Chard kept fighting and had many strong areas within there game but couldn't get through a strong Shepton side. Shepton continued to push forward and great leg work from Dudden, Legg, & Lloyd helped to put Shepton 6 ahead which Legg was able to 'reach out' for Lloyd to calmly convert. Shepton tested the Chard keeper who was very handy but Chant on her 'greatest day' was able to convert two more making it 8-0 at half time.

Shepton had to be 'sure' and 'pray' they could keep the intensity up in the second half and try and 'rule the world' once more. Chard came out the stronger team showing 'everything changes' at half time. Shepton had a wake up call and started to play there hockey making there captain Lloyd 'happy now' with a well struck short corner from Chant. With a good work rate throughout the team 'do what you like' Chant took the ball on and added to the scoreline putting Shepton 10-0 in front. With a lapse in concentration Chard were able to break and win a short corner which the defence managed to keep out. Burt managed to score the final goal and 'could it be magic' staying on her feet converting brilliantly. Shepton are able to 'take that' performance into next weeks game where they have a league break but take on Mid somerset in a friendly.

Phillips Tyres player of the match:  Chant.

18th October 2014        Shepton ladies 1s     9           Bridgwater    0

Today Shepton hosted Bridgwater with a hope to continue there winning streak. The game started with high intensity, great passes and strong tackles. It didn't take long for the home side to start the scoring off with great play from Gill, Simpson and Corp creating space for Chant who converted calmly. Shepton created lots of space making use of the transfer from Dudden, Mcconnell, Holland & Burt which resulted in many great attacks and allowing Shepton to win a short corner which was smashed home by Durston. Bridgwater had many handy players who weren't giving up and continued to put pressure on but Shepton were the stronger team and passed the ball around creating goal number three which Chant converted. Great leg work up front from Lloyd, Durston & Legg helped to add another goal to the tally which Lloyd calmly slotted home. With half time approaching and Shepton keeping up the tempo another goal from Durston put Shepton 5-0 up at half time.

Shepton's coach gave a great team talk at half time making Shepton come out fighting. lots of possession and composure helped to create space for Callaghan who was able to find Durston who with immense skill found the back of the net. Bridgwater didn't give up but struggled to get pass the strong Shepton outfit. Shepton converted two more short corners which Durston smashed past a helpless keeper. Shepton kept pushing forward and Durston completed her double hatrick with great skill and calmness making the final score 9-0. 

Phillips tyres player of the match Stacey Durston

12th October 2013     Shepton Mallet vs Taunton Vale

Match Report Ladies 1st 
Shepton Mallet Ladies 1st vs Taunton Vale 5th 

The first fifteen minutes Shepton started slowly and dozy, it may have been because of the early start but it took for Hollie Lloyd to come on after starting off and to score a cracking goal from a shot top of the D to hit the backboard for Shepton to wake up. After this brilliant first goal Shepton started to link up well from the defenders (Kathryn Hunter, Chrissie Laird, Katie Gratton, Lisa poole and Sam Holland) all the way through to the forwards, with Charlotte White, Lianna Burt, Liz Mc Connell, Victoria Vowles, Stacey Durston and Hollie Lloyd making brilliant runs opening the channels. Stacey Durston and Hollie Lloyd had a brilliant one – two to each other which left Hollie in the D with one defender and the goalie to beat, she did this well and Hollie scored her second goal. Shepton didn’t let their quick leading position get to them and they gained a short corner from Taunton kicking the ball in the D. Liz McConnell did a brilliant push out to the top for Stacey to be set up perfectly, Stacey took advantage of this and she got her first goal of the game from a brilliant strong straight strike. Just before the half time whistle Hollie Lloyd picked a ball up near the top of the D and made another strike towards the goalie, the goalie did a brilliant save but Hollie Lloyd was quick off the mark and took another shot for it to go straight passed the goal keeper, and for Hollie Lloyd to have scored her hat rick of the game.

After half time Shepton came out fighting as they knew it could still be reversed. Gemma Wolff started the second half of brilliantly by linking up with both sides of the pitch and being the main pivot of the mid field. Taunton Vale found it hard to get passed the press that Shepton mallet set up on a 16 which led for them to make a mistake and pass it straight to Victoria Vowels, Victoria beat a defender and passed it straight into the D with Lianna Burt in a prime position to have a strike on goal. Lianna hit the ball hard and it went straight in between the goalies legs. Hollie Lloyd scored her 4th goal by once again another brilliant strike. After Shepton Mallet’s forwards driving hard constantly towards the Taunton Vale defenders an opportunity arise when Stacey Durston and Holly Simpson linked up well for Stacey Durston to then go on to find Gemma Wolff on the penalty spot and for the 7th goal to be scored, with great talent and determination from the whole team. Shepton kept the accelerator on and kept attacking Taunton Vale, Shepton Mallet was finally awarded a short corner; this led to Stacey Durston taking a strike and for Gemma Wolff to touch it in straight past the defender on the post. Taunton Vale then went to take the push back after the 8th goal, for it to crumble on the left defender and for Holly Simpson to intercepted a pass, Holly went on to beat the three remaining defenders and to be left in the D with only the Goal keeper left. Holly drew the goalie out and she then put it straight into the bottom right corner. The tenth goal was scored by Stacey Durston making a brilliant run but being stick tackled in the D to be given a short corner. Stacey Durston hit the ball like a bullet at a slight lift for it to hit the back board. Katie Gratton had a brilliant attack after Shepton defenders tackled Taunton Vale and started Katie off, Katie was driving hard to the D and hit it through the defenders to find Hollie Lloyd making a run, for her to make a small touch on it while running, for it to slip straight in past the goal keeper. The final goal of the match was scored by a brilliant lead run from Liz McConnell running down the right wing all the way through to the base line, she then passed it the penalty spot to find Holly Simpson who lifted the ball in to the goal to score her second goal of the match. A smashing game reflected on the score, Shepton mallet supported each other, still starting as they mean to go on.

Phillips Tyres Player of the Match – Hollie Lloyd

Shepton Mallet vs Weston Super Mare

Saturday 5th October

Shepton Mallet Ladies 1st 5 - 2 Weston Super Mare Ladies 1st

Shepton Mallet ladies wanted to start this season with a bang and that they did. To start Weston pressed hard and kept Shepton on their toes in the first 15 minutes both teams playing mainly in the centre of the pitch. Although Weston had two out bursts into Shepton’s defending goal with Holly Hardnut showing some great saves and with some great clearances from Sheptons defence. Although Weston went on to score in the 20th minute. This did shake Shepton mallet but it made them more determined to get one back. It started from the push back Shepton started to link well with each other and pass the simple balls and beat Weston, this proved when Hollie Copter Lloyd managed to pick the ball up on the 25 mark and managed to beat Westons two last defenders to score an amazing goal from top of D which hit the post and flew in hitting the back board. However Weston where not going to let that goal go without a fight and managed to get two short corners within 5 minutes with some great defending by Kathryn Hunter, Chrissie Laird and Lisa Poole. Although Weston managed to get their second goal from them tactically playing the ball into the D and a loose player picking it up from the post and scoring. Just before half time Holly Simpson manages to get a short corner after a player obstructs her in the D. From an accurate push out from Gemma Wolff the ball is played out and put right on the stick for Liz McConnell to hit the ball straight into the goal nut megging the goal keeper making it a draw just before the half time whistle.

The second half starts with both teams just as determined to win as one another with both teams coming back on fighting for every opportunity. However Weston take their foot of the pedal just slightly to allow Shepton to attack well into the D with some great passing starting from Katie Gratton going all the way through Holly Simpson to Stacey Durston to have a shot in the D and for Freya Legg to sneak in and take the last touch into the Goal. Making Shepton be in the victory passion for the first time in the game. However this does not affect Shepton as they still press hard with most of the play being in the Weston half. The fourth goal was scored from a short corner being awarded to Stacey Durston from a stick tackle from Weston. Stacey Durston makes a cracking straight strike being saved splendidly by the Weston goalie however for Victoria Vowles to pick it up off the goalies pads and to slap it in to make the score 4-2 to Shepton Ladies. Shepton didn’t take the foot off the accelerator until the final whistle was blown this was proven by the ladies team still fighting for every ball and showing great determination. Shepton Malett had an opportunity to score when a short corner was awarded to Hollie Copter Lloyd, during the short corner the ball was deflected from Stacey Durston’s straight strike, Liz McConnell controlled it well and played it across the D and Victoria Vowels came in and smashed it straight into the goal, Shepton celebrated for the goal. However it was then disallowed due to it not coming out the D which was unfortunate however this did not seem to faze Shepton as the final goal came from Stacey Durston picking the ball up from a superb switch from Gemma Wolff and dribbling the ball to the base line passing to Hollie Copter Lloyd to pass it back to Stacey leaving the goal keep completely footless allowing Stacey to score the fifth goal. A brilliant victory and a superb start to the season for the Ladies Shepton Mallet first team.

Phillips Tyres Player of the Match – Kathryn Hunter.

Muppet of the Game – Hollie Copter Lloyd (Player of the season 2013)

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